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Enjoy Rody! Taiwan Exhibiton

Japanese company Jammy has transformed the Italian Kid toy "Rody" into a fashion Icon.
Last year, famous designer toy maker Intheyellow produced the vinyl version of Rody and brought it to the art field.
Now, Jammy, Intheyellow, and Paradise will bring you the next stop of Rody Exhibition world tour in Taiwan.
Over 50 different units participate in this exhibition, include artists、celebrities、street brands and fashion websites were invited to customize a Rody in their own version with different faces of subculture to accomplish this exhibition.

Exhibition Info:
Enjoy Rody Taiwan Exhibition
3/26~4/4 @ Paradise Taipei
Party / Opening Reception : 3/26 19:00
ADD:No.17, Lane 187, Sec. 1, Dun Hua S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

4/9~4/17@ Undergarden Kaohsiung
Party / Opening Reception : 4/9 19:00
ADD:No.297, Sintian Rd., Cianjin Dist., Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Exhibitor list:
Amanda Visell (Artist)
Michelle Veligura (Artist)
Bwana Spoons (Artist)
Tim Biskup (Artist)
Tigerlilly Biskup (Artist)
David Horvath + Sun MN Kim (Artist)

Jon Burgman (Artist)

Hong Kong
楊學德 / Yong Shue Tak (Artist)
文迪 / Mandy (Artist / TV Celebrity)

小鬼 / Alien (Singer / Artist)
衛斯理 / Wisley (Singer / Artist)
阿信(五月天) / Shin (Singer / Artist)
不二良 / No 2 Good (Artist)
KEA (Artist)
Phalanx Mark (Artist)
Phalanx 朱開 (Artist)
Trex (Artist)
Justina Zun Zun (Artist)
阿推 / Push (Artist)
凱西 / Kathy Chen (Artist)
創克斯 /Trunks (Artist)
兩兩一樹 / 221 Tree (Artist)
Filter017 (Artist)
Volt-Scott (銀飾Brand/Artist)
Overkill (Street Brand)
Mania (Street Brand)
Overkill (Street Brand)
Saint of Rock (Street Brand)
Under Peace (Street Brand)
Phantaci (Street Brand)
Wisdom (Street Brand)
Cadmus Family (Fashion Website)
Acanned (Fashion Website)

Uamou (Artist)
MOGraphixx (Artist)
Maiko Akiba (Artist)
Papriko (Artist)
Jun Watanabe (Artist)
Zarigani Works (Artist)
Devilrobots (Artist)
T9G (Artist)
Dehara Yukinori (Artist)
The Wonderful! Design Works (Artist / Brand)
Ben Mori (Artist)
Syncuke Kageyama (Artist)
Konatsu (Artist)

There also will be Rody merchandises selling during the exhibition.
No matter you are the lover of the artist、street brands or Rody, don’t miss this subculture party of art、street fashion and toy collection.

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